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RAIN RFID & NFC Solutions

RFID technology is a commonly used tool for logistics, track-and-trace and access control. DigSig can add useful and unique features, such as offline verification and the possibility to use a customized data structure.

RFID and DigSig: The perfect combination

Despite the fact that a RFID tag is a data carrier in itself, most of the applications are fully dependent on external databases. There are several reasons for this: compliant use of data standards for UHF RFID, RAIN Flooding and Acid RAIN problems, and small size of the chip memory.

One related issue is the online requirement for the classical use of RFID. What happens when you do not have an internet connection? What happens when a cloned tag is used in such a system?

Usage of DigSig solves those issues. DigSig can be used as a data model for the tag. The use of ISO/IEC 20248 in RFID complies to standards for RFID data structures and best practices, and it is interoperable with existing systems. It also does not require a database connection to function, and it filters out invalid tags by means of cryptographic verification.

RFID and DigSigs are made for each other.


  • Information stored directly in a tag-secured way
  • Data structure can be defined individually
  • Multiple scenarios for different stakeholders are possible
  • Online connection to the database is not necessary
  • System costs are decreased as you do not need a back-end part
  • RFID spotting of free flow objects is still possible

Dual frequency tag and DigSig

The typical use of RAIN (UHF) RFID has certain problems: You need a special device to read a tag, permanent online access to the back-end system. 
However, a Dual frequency tag in combination with DigSig Technology solves many of these problems. Dual Frequency RFID combines HF (NFC) and UHF (RAIN) frequencies in one single chip but with two reading interfaces: NFC and RAIN.

These tags are suitable for the traditional use of UHF (RAIN), such as product inventory management for warehouses, product authentication, and loyalty programs, but with the added benefit of using a standard smartphone to read it. DigSig technology can then be applied to this chip and protect functionality of both reading interfaces.


  • Offline verification of tags and stored data
  • Inexpensive devices for the verification (any modern smartphone)
  • Public verification via a standard app
  • Private information with limited access can be stored in the tag using further encryption

RFID Issuance

We can provide the issuance station as a customizable component to create personalized labels with DigSig technology. Personalization includes encoding both the UHF RFID memory, the HF/NFC memory with an NDEF structure, and also printing details on the label itself.