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Personal Identity

Reliable verification in areas related to security, finance, and health

Identity data and credentials are used to gain access to a variety of services in public and private life. It is therefore especially important to have a reliable verification in areas related to security, finance, and health. DigSig technology can be efficiently used for the additional protection of ID documents in paper or electronic forms. It can be especially useful in countries or areas with an unstable internet connection.

Personal Identity

In the eastern part of Africa, there is a project for the verification of ID identification documents. Documents are issued in two forms. The first is a temporary paper document with a QR code protected by DigSig. This document can be acquired online. The second document is a plastic card with two bar codes: one for the biometrics data, and one for the ID data and DigSig protection. Both documents are well protected against manipulation and can be verified offline with standard smartphones.  


  • Field verification without special devices is possible
  • Information can be verified in rural areas without an internet connection
  • Cost efficient and secure solution