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Vehicle identification

Preventing manipulation in vehicle registration and identification

DigSig technology is an efficient method to prevent manipulation in the area of vehicle registration and identification. Fake license plates are a serious issue in many countries. There are a wide range of crimes related to it: car and gas theft, traffic violation, tax evasion, robbery, and even terrorism. For the government, efficient control of traffic participants is crucial for public safety. DigSig technology can be applied to all types of documents: license plates, windshield stickers, driver licenses, and vehicle registration cards in the form of barcodes or RFID carriers.

Vehicle identification

The transport authorities and road enforcement required an efficient system solution which allows them to check authenticity of the vehicle registration details and license plate to prevent criminal acts and manipulation like duplication of license plates, tax evasions, and unregistered vehicles circulation.

As a solution, the use of NFC windshield stickers secured by DigSig technology with offline verification through a smartphone NFC reader was proposed. These stickers confirm the authenticity of the outer license plate and also of the vehicle and registration data itself. 


  • Transport authority and road enforcement can control road traffic participants through the reliable and simple electronic tool with offline verification
  • No back-end system and special verification devices are required
  • Low level of investment to implement a system and low operation costs
  • System has become a point of trust in all vehicle registration and verification procedures and has inspired further improvements in those areas