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The tool to verify the authenticity of medication

Pharmaceutical counterfeiting is a serious threat to society. Besides gigantic economical losses, fake drugs put the health and even life of patients at risk. The pharmaceutical industry also needs an efficient tool to track and trace products through the whole value chain in a secure manner, from production to distribution. DigSig technology can be used to verify the authenticity of medication.


Pharmaceutical manufacturers would like to provide a way for end customers to verify the authenticity of the medicines they purchase from a drug store.

The solution can be a QR code or NFC tag with information about the origin, dates of production and expiration, and serial code, all protected by DigSig.


  • End customers receive a simple, offline tool for verifying the authenticity of a product
  • Cost efficient and reliable solution
  • System can be applied globally through the whole value chain
  • Verification data can be collected for the further analysis and actions