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RFID & NFC access control

Secure and cost-efficient solution

A DigSig can be used for access control by interpreting claims against a rule engine and triggering appropriate actions based on the output of the rule engine. This can be used with either NFC or RAIN RFID readers, or both!

RFID & NFC access control

This is advantageous as the DigSig must first be verified, including the cryptographic dependency on the TID of the tag, and then the claims for access contained in the DigSig can be trusted and interpreted. 

Typical cases include access control to the workplace or the parking area of a housing complex. Several claims can be taken into the consideration: 

  1. Permitted access of employees or residents
  2. Communal services access with a specific time restriction
  3. Police and emergency services access 

The system can be implemented without a back-end part and using offline verification.


  • Strong security level
  • Offline verification is possible
  • Low system costs
  • Complex scenarios with multiple claims are feasible